Sunday, June 06, 2004

Microsoft Gets a Clue

They are setting up filters on outgoing mail from Hotmail and MSN. Supposedly it will be triggered when a user sends a large number of messages. They also ask other ISPs to do the same. Now this idea I like, for most legitimate email this will be no problem, but it will affect people that legitimatly email in large quantities unless providers are smart about who/how they filter. Newsletters like LangaList and Lockergnome are already frequently wrongly blocked by antispam efforts.

They are still pushing their "challenge in the form of a computational puzzle" idea, but that isn't going to help people unless everyone adopts their system. And unless their "puzzle" is really proccessor intensive, its not going to prevent spammers from sending spam, it just may mean they have to send a little less, or worse, get more virus infected computers to send it out for them. If its not their computer why would they care if it takes proccessor time.

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