Sunday, May 09, 2004

nigritude ultramarine

Just read about another example of SEO, this one just happens to be for less of a good cause. Its just an example of how Google needs to do something about search engine spamming. Google is a really good engine, but AltaVista used to be the top for years, then Yahoo. No engine lasts forever unless they keep advancing. So far Google is doing that, but with their recent IPO I, like many others, am worried that stock holder greed will push it to be just an Ad engine.

Here is the main contest site is at, and the Slashdot story about it nigritude ultramarine.

There were other SEO contests and challenges before, but none took off as fast and energetic as The Nigritude Ultramarine Challenge.

Apparently, at right time when Google IPO, Gmail, etc... had raised the enegy levels in the community and the combination of the mysterious name, buzzword complient prize, and a good luck let all that energy to be released into the challenge...

Is it a good thing? Who will benefit from it, spammers, search engines, or web users?
I think all. It will give us the better understanding of how both the search engines and the spammers work.
While spammers attack Google it could see their techiques and fix the holes. If spammers are sucessful in spamming it will give more urge for google to work.

In any case it is going to claim the same fame as AYBABTU.

Would you like to add a second ayb... to you site: ayNUabtu?
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