Monday, May 10, 2004

Mr. Chongqing = yaimok = mr humor

In my chongqing research I have found this spammer is hitting Guestbooks too. I figured that he would, just hadn't seen any till now. So in addition to cleaning up wikis, today I emailed a number guestbook owners to try and get him removed. I am sure after they see Manni's spammers page they will be glad to remove him.

In the process I have found that our Mr. Chongqing often calls himself "mr humor". We don't know for sure, but he said he was associated with humor dot com. The entire content of that site is ads from Overture. From his many guestbook spams his email address is often or

Another source indicates emmss dot com seems to be a IT consulting site. I am sure our ranking up next to his is going to help him get customers :-).

Some more of Mr. Chongqing's favorite keywords: Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, China, 网站建设, and ÖØÇì

Here are some of Mr. Chongqing's IP addresses:

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