Sunday, May 09, 2004

chongqing emmss and qqfans

Another Chinese spammer is hitting wikis and blogs, linking to bbs.qqfans dot com. So far its not wide spread, but qqfans dot com is definatly a repeat spammer. I found the qqfan spam when cleaning up emmss spam at a wiki. Even though they aren't our Wikis we have often cleaned what we can tell is for sure spam. Thats the good thing about an open system, anyone can undo the damage these wiki spammers are doing.

I first discovered qqfan at the Sandbox page of Then by accident I found that both he and our chongqing wiki spammer have been spamming That isn't even a Wiki or Blog. Its an open catalog of works licensed in under Creative Commons. This kind of spamming is less obvious and harder to clean up.

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