Saturday, May 01, 2004

Manni just registered!

We are doing pretty good in Google for chongqing wiki spam. We are the 2nd and 4th results right now for those search words. The only one above me is a wiki history page where someone gave the link to the spam they removed. The one separating our sites also leaves links for the spammer even after the damage had been repaired. Its the change log of a despammed wiki page, but the log is still linking to 20 different emmss pages. That cleans the normally visible page in the wiki, but the spammer still gets what he wants since Google now sees the link in page history.

Both problems are how the change log and revision history pages are stored by the Wiki. They should not be readable by Google. Wiki program authors should add a noindex meta tag on this kind of pages. Wiki spam is becoming too prevalent to let these "backup" pages be indexed in search engines. This only encourage the spammers to vandalize wikis because even after cleaning up their damage, Google will see it in the revision histories for a month (depending on your Wiki software).

When Manni and I started off, our immediate goal was to knock emmss off the front page of results for "chongqing". Obviously that is still an important goal, but we are not limiting ourselves to this one spammer. He just happens to be the most annoying to us at the moment because he repeatedly hit a wiki we both work on.

Manni already has the next guy in need of a chongqing picked out: "He's more viscious than Mr. Chongqing because he doesn't simply add his links to wikis, but replaces existing ones."

We need your support to help us be successful in our chongqing campaign. Just like the spammers, we need links from other pages to increase our Google PageRank. Unlike them, we aren't going to spam wikis to get it.

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