Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Another chongqing fan

I just got an email from another supporter of our chongqing campaign. Alex's wiki had been hit several times by a couple different spammers (starting with our favorite, Mr. Chongqing) and he got sick of it. So when he googled for chonq and found us, we had an instant fan. Here is his original chongqing post.

Alex posted a quick PHP hack to block Mr. Chongqing's IP subnet at his blog. My favorite quote from his site is "Our little friend chongq hasn't shown himself anymore on the wiki, hope he'll bother other people instead of me (or throw himself off a cliff)." I vote for option number two.

After he blocked Mr. Chongqing, he had a new spammer vandalize his wiki. This new spammer is advertising 99986 dot com. I have seen a number of 99986 spams on different wikis, but so far it doesn't appear that he is nearly as bad as Mr. Chongqing. Of course he is also from China, his whois info says he is in Beijing. I wonder how long before we have to nominate him for a spammer case on Manni's list of the worst web spammers.

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