Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Gmail Spam Recipes

If you have turned off your Web Clip bar in Gmail you are missing out.

You know they show Web Clips (RSS feeds), Sponsored Links, and Gmail Tips. But did you know they also post Spam Recipies?

Each time I see one I find it funny since the reason they are targeting me with them is because so much of my email is either tagged [Spam] or discussing spam. Well today I discovered they get a lot more frequent when I open my Spam folder. Pretty much every thing in the web clip bar was a spam recipie.

My favorite is Spam Fajitas. But there are lots of others to choose from: Spam Skillet Casserole, Vineyard Spam Salad, Savory Spam Crescents, Spam Primavera, Creamy Spam Broccoli Casserole, Spam Hashbrown Bake, Ginger Spam Salad, and Spam Breakfast Burritos.

I am sure Hormel would be happy to know they are getting lots of exposure in Gmail, but if I were them, I would ask not to show SPAM recipies in the spam folder.

Philipp Lenssen posted that not only does Gmail have Spam Tips for the spam folder, they have Recycling Tips and Facts for the trash folder. He calls these easter eggs and thinks Google is just having fun. Now that I know about the recycling tips I think that is clearly what they are doing.

I still wonder if Hormel would like their product being further associated with junk mail. But they seem to be able to handle the spam vs. SPAM situation well so maybe they are in on the joke.
What's needed is a clever browser extension which turns them off when you're in the spam folder. I got the joke the first time Google, you're very funny. Now give me my selected feeds and not reciped including spam. Once is funny. Ten times a day is simply annoying.
I suspect that not only is Hormel in on the joke, it's probably paying Google an advertising fee! Don't forget that Google's mission is not to have fun but to make money for its shareholders.
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