Friday, November 04, 2005

Bunch of Stuff

Manni tried to use Google's Blog Search for finding something other than splogs and discovered it's not easy. Mainly what I use it for is finding splogs or new posts about splogs so I had never tried a product related search.

I recently ran across a post about "over advertising" that most sploggers probably missed. It is actually a good read for real bloggers too, especially those who have more ads than content on their blog. And related to that, common mistakes with AdSense.

Tips on writing content might help improve your blog posts. If sploggers were actually writing their own content rather than stealing it, this might help them too.

IslandDave and Keith recently discovered that sploggers are now using that banner to make their blogs look more legit and block Blogspot's Flag as Objectionable button. Luckily since flagging is basically useless, it isn't hurting anything.

I found this one pretty funny. Not only is it a legitimate poker blog (I didn't think such a thing could exist), he posted about a content thief that is mad that his content is stolen.

Not really what I usually post, but this link appeared in my referrers just now thanks to the Next Blog ring and I had to share it; Hummer Overfloweth.

And finally some interesting search referrers to my blog lately:

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Speaking about blogspot's flag button, I believe that there are some reasons for this, besides flag prevention. You could easily hide flag button by just inserting next single string somewhere in your blogspot template:
I've just checked that.
You could also remove the entire navbar, but by removing it you are breaking Blogger's TOS so they could kick you off their service. So far they don't seem to be doing that, but that doesn't mean they won't. I suspect removing parts of it would also be against the rules.

But even if you remove it, that doesn't mean splog fighters can't flag your blog. What you remove, we can put back.
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