Wednesday, September 07, 2005

NewsMan Returns

I am sure this blogspot spammer is just eager to see what I will do now that he comment spammed me again. I wouldn't want to disapoint him. This is the second time he has spammed me (likely would have been the third, but I turned off commenting before his second spamming visit). The first was here and today's is here.

He used to go around spamming blogs on blogspot on purpose; I don't know what he is up to now (likely just trying to piss me off). His previous Google searches to find victims were +"post a comment" +html and then he spammed them from his blogspot account.

Under his NewsMan blogspot profile he has two unusual splogs, be_online and blogoblog. They don't look like the usual splogs linking to his own sites over and over again. Instead they are full of text he stole from various places including WikiPedia.

Both I and Halz have reported his spamming to Blogspot support, but they didn't care. That is why we listed Blogspot on the LoserWebmasters page of our wiki. I first reported him on April 19th. Maybe now that blogger realizes they have a big spam problem they will finally do something about this guy.

I assume he realizes by now that every blog on uses rel="nofollow" on all comment links. That means it doesn't help the PageRank of links in comments at all. So he must be just after hits.

Today's spam was for, previously it has been that one,, and links to,, and with what appears to be an affiliate id of 111754. currently has some setup errors that let me see the directory the site is hosted in which was jarosek. links to and with the affiliate id jarosek. The owners of those sites, (Sanchez Sites), do have some stuff to say about spam. They don't specifically mention what NewsMan is doing, but they do ban more than just email spam in their terms.

More info on this spammer in our WikiForum Archives:
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