Monday, March 28, 2005

Spamming for the Lord

Spam Kings Blog's post:

What's a minister doing in the spammer forum? You might hope he was proselytizing the spammers into giving up their evil ways. No such luck. Roy Giles was just looking for help with his spamware program and some proxies.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Spamming Experiment

Kasia at decided to run a spamming experiment on her blog. She posted a couple spams to her own blog and waited to see what would happen. In less than 24 hours she received 356 more spams.

We didn't test it as scientifically, but Manni and I discovered the same thing on our wiki. We keep a lot of spammer URLs there for informational purposes and discussion (as text only so they Google doesn't see them as links). I also had a page where I was holding loads of spam taken from many spammed sites before I got around to studying and chongqing them. We then started to see spammers would spam those pages with referrers from Google searching for a specific spammer domain, often not their own. Those temporary pages have turned into really good spam honey pots for us.

When a spammer can find a page with existing spam through Google they know that site is probably not well monitored or cleaned so they know it’s a good place to spam. If you have a blog, wiki, or guestbook it is important to clean any spam you get. If you don't you are just inviting more and more spam.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Spammer's Keywords for Google

A spammer has been hitting the chongqed wiki several times over the last few weeks. Each seperate attack its a different domain that isn't in our blacklist yet so they aren't blocked automatically. His IP has always been so he could be blocked easily, but its useful to learn from him. His URLs so far were:,, He is getting a bit annoying; you would think he would realize its not a good idea to spam an antispam wiki.

And these are a few of the keywords from his spam:

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spam Huntress talks with friendly spammer

Spam Huntress has been discussing things with a "friendly spammer." Well, I am not sure he is actually friendly, but Halz used that term so I will go with it. This admitted spammer thinks he has the solution to solve blog spam and wants to share it with antispammers.

I suspect he thinks he has some real good ideas to prevent spam, but just because he is a spammer doesn't mean he is an expert at knowing how to prevent spam. There are a lot of great solutions to web spam, but most are inconvienant or totally unwanted by users. CAPTCHAs are annoying and only work against automated spamming. Redirects and nofollow means that even legitimate links do not recieve any PageRank influence. I don't really see a big problem with that on blog comments, but apparently many bloggers do. Most wiki users hate it too, though Wikipedia is using it.

What he doesn't get is spammers are morons. Maybe he isn't, but he also isn't the usual Chinese spammer who probably gets paied a few dollars for a day's worth of spamming. We have lots of spammers hit our wiki and many work really hard to get around our spam prevention methods. Usually by posting a text only URL which is not useful for PageRank or getting hits.

Friday, March 18, 2005

SFGate: Free iPod -- um, not really

The article starts:

LWS Spammer Followup

Remember when David, TheGunOwner of LWS replied to a complaint about one of his members (December 18, 2004):Recently I had been getting a bunch of hits on my blog from an interesting site discussing TGO and LWS. It seems David left out the fact that it was a contest he was running that resulted in the spam when he said he didn't know anything about any contest (which he quickly ended). All I really care about is that he did stop the spamming, but why lie? More info on their forums (unless that gets censored too).

It didn't take long, the interesting site detailing all kinds of bad stuff about TGO was replaced with an apology. Just in case you missed reading that masterpiece at the original location, it can still be found here, here, or here.

Slashdot: Spammers Sue Spam Victim For $4 Million

A web hosting and email provider, has been sued for just under $4 million by a spammer after they were ordered to stop sending him emails and comply with Oklahoma's CAN-SPAM act. See Slashdot for more.

Spammers are just evil!

Wired makes SEO spam sound good

Wired just did an article on SEO spammers, Search Rank Easy to Manipulate. It made it seem as though the spammer is doing nothing wrong by spamming blogs and guestbooks, they are just taking advantage of search engine loop holes. It doesn't even mention wikis. I hit the send feedback link and sent this:Update: Manni's feedback got posted on Wired's Rants & Raves page.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Online Poker Googlebomb

Slashdot has a story on bloggers fighting back by Googlebombing the online poker Wikipedia article for the phrase "online poker". Its already number three in the rankings.

That's exactly the idea behind chongqing. Except we also make sure visitors to the page know about the spamming for that keyword and who has been doing it.

In the comments a lot of people don't seem to understand the point of this. Some even suggest Google should step in and stop it. Obviously these people are not blog owners. It would be great if Google would stop this, if they were able to they would also be stopping the effectiveness of blog and wiki spam in the process. Just because this Googlebomb isn't likely to stop any spammers it still has meaning. It is getting the message out; a lot of people don't have any clue these spammers are a real problem. I support this Googlebomb.

Monday, March 07, 2005

WikiBlackList Blog Stolen

I just discovered that some spammer took over the WikiBlackList blog in late January. Before that it was inactive for 5 or 6 months, maybe the site just expired or the original author deleted the page. Either way, it now has some nonsense text and spammy links. A lot of WikiSpam pages link to that site since it used to have some useful antispam information. If you see any links to that site please remove them (and leave a comment explaining why so its not reverted as vandalizm). The spammer already has a PageRank of 3 by stealing the blog. Hopefully we can fix that real quick.