Wednesday, July 07, 2004

More on Casino Online On-Line

I got a comment about the casino-online-on-line dot com spammer. Thanks to whoever sent it in. I hadn't Googled him yet and had no clue how big this guy is. So far it appears he is not quite as widespread as Mr. Chongqing, but still really bad. His tactics are worse and dumber. I have seen him spam the top of a RecentChanges page. The main difference is Mr. Chongqing won't continue spamming if spammy links are somehow prevented, this guy just keeps going and going. He is a much bigger spammer in the forum / bulitin board area than Mr. Chongqing though. He has been spamming forums at least since December 10, 2003, that was the earliest I saw quicly.

From the anonymous commenter:I wouldn't be that supprised. Many other wiki users believe any heavy spamming is done by automated bots, but after experiencing Mr. Chongqing I am 100% certain that is not the case. Any big time spammer would have some sort of automation, but Mr. Chongqing is certainly human driven. I have not done enough researching of how the casino spammer works, but he/she/they may be human using mostly automated software. He is far more consistant in his spams than I usually see. But as with POPFile he does not notice his spams didn't work. Perhapse his spamming program doesn't even display the page after editing so he never knows when the spam is blocked only from displaying. The POPFile wiki will let him post as many links as he wants, but until they are whitelisted (custom addition by the POPFile author AFAIK) they won't display when viewing the Wiki. From what I have seen in Google the wikis he appear to be going after most are UseModWiki sites.

While I doubt either Casino Online On-Online or Mr. Chongqing are going to pull a Hakdata and close up shop, we will continue to do all we can to hurt their PageRank and get our sites above them in Google for their favorite keywords.

Some more of his hostnames:

Thanks NewsMan. Those were some really usefull links. Its always nice when spammers bring the spam to us.

I could easily delete the spam, but I have no intention of doing that. He has been chongqed well. I hope he likes it.

I wonder if he realizes how stupid spamming blogspot blogs is. Every blog on uses rel=nofollow on all comment links. That means it doesn't help his PageRank at all.
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