Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Casino Online On-Line Spam (part 2)

Well, the casino online on-line spammer hit the POPFile Wiki again twice early this morning. Luckily for Manni thats middle of the day so he cleaned the first spam less than an hour after it appeard. Then the spammer noticed his missing spam and respammed the same page which again didn't stay messed up long thanks to Manni. This guy is a real jerk though, not only is he spamming repeatedly he is replacing the entire page with his spam text so its completely unusable. He even leaves www dot casino-online-on-line dot com as the comment of the spam, hoping I guess for a link (which doesn't work).

casino-online-on-line dot com's wikispam text:casino-online-on-line dot com is just a frontpage for btdcasino dot com which stands for Be the Dealer Casino. Some of their keywords are:So far he has spammed us as:

The "casino online" spammer is one of the most aggressive I've seen. He has hit almost all of the wikis I use, and all of them have been attacked and restored multiple times, starting about a month ago.

There are some inconsistent behaviors that make me think it's a human rather than a fully automated script, but I'm not certain. Also, this spammer seems to favor sites running UseModWiki, so he may be using a script that is tailored to that software.

The spam is easy to find using Google because the spammer leaves his domain name in the comment field, which shows up on "RecentChanges" pages.
I agree about the aggressiveness of the casino-online spammer. Currently he is vandalizing the POPFile wiki on a daily basis, each time replacing the complete page with his spam crap. The "text" he leaves doesn't make any kind of sense. I don't understand why he doesn't simply leave a list of links to his crappy casino. Instead he keeps spewing out stuff about Jesus, very nice keyboards, and hist "alone gambling".
But, like Joe, I really think that this one is a bot. I don't see an army of bots behind every piece of wiki spam, but this definitely is a bot. A human being would realize that his links don't work on the POPFile wiki and he would delete it from his bookmarks. But he keeps coming back.
In fact, the crap he posts doesn't work on most other wikis, he leaves pure html and the <a href> syntax just isn't working on most wikis.
So my conclusion is that this is a bot, programmed by a moron.
let us all chongqed! happy new year!

manni thanks for the great job!
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